Non Architecture #13


Hello again!

So this email is to tell you guys that we have a date for the announcement of the winners (exciting right?), and that date is the 21st of May. They will be announced on our website and on the social pages so don’t forget to check them out tomorrow!

So Saturday seems like it’s going be a good day to celebrate and enjoy the weekend.

With this said we also want to apologize for the wrong information sent in the last email about the book: all the finalists will be published in the book as well as the honorable mentions and winners that will be also featured on blogs and online!

So we are exciting for that to come out asap! Please check again our call for materials that is directed at those wishing to participate to the send additional material to be published in the book with the projects! All the information you can find it in your emails (hopefully not in the trash folder…sigh!) or you can read it again by clicking here.

With this said we want to say goodbye and leave you with a fun MUSIC VIDEO from Ok.Go. This group works with a lot of colors and elements…maybe one of the colors here could be the one for the next competition?

Xx you all…and thanks for being so patience and lovable with us, we always try to better ourselves so sorry if we make some mistakes here and there hope you can forgive us!