Non Architecture #32


Hey guys,

another week has gone by and almost and (unfortunately) another weekend. But we are right there by your side to give you the 411 on your wonderful sundayfunday!

So we guess you got the latest memo but in case you didn’t we have announced the winners of our second competition “Making – Alternative designs for factories” out! Click here in case you didn’t see them or if you just want to see them again.
Also we are already publishing them in various design and architecture sites like E-Architects and Bored Panda. Pretty cool right? Are you happy about this?

As another note we do want to give you updates about the new competition and the first one is that you have to save the date! October 1st it will officially launch and the subscriptions will be open. Are you as excited as we are? We hope so…in order to not leave you with just this post it to put on your calendar we will give you something to work on (trust us, it’s not a pain but a thing you can do chilling on your relaxing time).

What is that you say? well you have to watch Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story from director  Rawson Marshall Thurber. It’s got a great cast, a good laugh out time and well, maybe, just maybe a pinch of what’s coming next for our competition!

With this said, go enjoy your Sunday.

A warm and yellow heart.