Hey guys! Did you really think our weekly update was gone?

Nope, we are back with some interesting and cool updates. So this regular schedule is going to change. Your weekly update will come on a cool and free Sunday breeze, just in time for your Monday, but not in time enough for your Sunday to end…

First things first: our book on our first competition: “Sleeping – Alternative designs for hotels” is finally out. That means, you can either order the paperback version or you can actually pay the pdf version as much as you want (auction starts at 0.01 euros). Both of these awesome versions, can be found here.

Pretty cool right?

Second things first: We do have an upcoming Call for Materials on our second competition “Making – Alternative designs for factories” and it’s going to be open on the 16th of September till the 18th of October on our official and quirky website. So if you have any essays, photoessays or illustrations on the matter that will start a great and amazing discussion on the topic, please send them in to our editor at carol.ciccarelli@nonarchitecture.eu. We would love to see your output on this matter.

Third things first: want to know about what’s going on in out third (exciting right?) competition? Well you will have to wait till next week! (Sorry, we love you so much, we want you to be crazy for us all week as much as we are for you!) But just to let you get into the mist….watch this crazy video…it will give you the low down…or at least a bit!

We love you, like always and more than always!