Hello dear friends! We are sending this email as a shout out: we are so so so proud to announce that the book for the first competition “Sleeping – Alternative designs for Hotels” is finally out!

In this book we don’t have only the projects but we also have a good variety of elements to make it more interesting: essays, photoessays and illustration on the matter of sleeping and the hotel typology.

We are so happy about this and we are so proud for what we made together with you guys and your wonderful work and your unconditional love and support through out the whole process. And we can’t thank you enough for it…we wish we could hug each and everyone of you…but since we can’t we are sending virtual hearts as big as the world.

Now to the good stuff. You might wonder how you can purchase our book…well just by clicking here and visiting our site you can get either e physical or a virtual copy. We know that the physical one is a bit expensive and so we were able to make a link were you can buy a virtual copy for a fee that is up to you, a donation that needs to be at least of 0,01€. Here the link to do so but we want to hurry up cause we don’t know how long this link will be up and running!

Also don’t forget to leave us a great review for our work!

So go and get your own personal copy now!

We love you very very much.