Hello everyone!
Here we are with the most fun part for us of the week! The newsletter that could give you insights for the competition. This one, as we all learned, is about making, the places of producing and creating also know as factories. Well the insights could come from various elements so we taught that a good way is to learn each week about a single theme.
This week we want to introduce to you with a quick approach to what is happening to the making places. That means what is going on in todays world that doesn’t correspond to the ford-like factories that we all know from the 1920’s!
So with this said let’s start the production:

  1. What are today’s factories? Bring’em out!
  2. What are the 2016’s manufacturing trends? Here,here!
  3. Are we facing the third industrial revolution? Read me
  4. Is co-working the new form of production? Is it really?

So we decided set the bar into the new world of todays making. That means that also we want to give you visual aids to what is happening, and here are some:

  1. The New Factory: a physical location or a place of connection? Check it out
  2. The transformation of old factories into architectural gems: Show me now!
  3. Strip S – Eindhoven’s old Philips production area now a urban collective space: Proost
  4. The cases of new production spaces based into old production ones: Let’s do this!

Now for the couch part of the newsletter:

READ: The production of space by Henri Lefebvre (here a pdf version)
WATCH: The most transformational factory workers of all England, Full Monthy by Peter Cattaneo

Of course we could continue to bore you with many more things but we also like to give you a small hint so you guys can search on your own what is more enjoyable for YOU!
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With love, like always!