Hello yellow friends!

So you have been on the look out for the next competition and i know we promised we would write more this week but, as quirky and crazy our competitions and system is, so our weekly updates. So we want you to heat up a bit more!

Just to give you a new input we would say that, for this Sunday, you should schedule a good running session at the park while the weather is becoming a nice sweater one, or a game of soccer, basket, volleyball or whatever you feel like with your friends (even like a polo match if you feel a bit British!)

As for this (please don’t hate us!), we do have a nice and cool update. The call for material is out and that’s pretty crazy right? Here the link were you can ready carefully what we are looking for: please guys send us love and care but also all the essays, photoessay and more about factories and the development of this typology! I know you maybe already sent projects, but if you feel like going for a stretch, please give us your alternative input for the new book! We would right the whole thing down too, but it is Sunday and we don’t want to bore you too much!

To send all your awesome material you now know who to send it to, our cool editor Carol at carol.ciccarelli@nonarchitecture.eu.

Now that we had the latest news going, we do want to recommend something so crazy like our competition: the great, great series Stranger Things. Here the intro video that has the coolest 80’s vibe you can imagine.

Till next week!