Hello fabulous readers,

So we don’t know if you heard the crazy news, but the results are out! And so we wanted to tell you who are the grad winners:

“Find yourself hotel” / Aleksei Snetkov, Katya Shomesova, Anastasia Popova
A series of “rooms” scattered across the globe consisting of a white structure that serves as a marker of presence, that dissolves traveling to a “primitive” state but that also is able to connect this action with landscape.

“The Retreat at Koonalda Homestead” / Lisa Azhar, DuenEe Chan, Ivan Hage
An underground extension of the Koonalda Homestead in South Africa, a space that presents to travellers the opportunity to disappear temporarily from the surface of the earth and relax in peaceful isolation.

“Skyline” / Jin Young Chang, Laura Cameo
A unique approach by creating a network of cabins suspended 400 meters above Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In case you didn’t catch this and you want to see all the results please click this link and check it out!

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Now for the fun part we like always putting some edge in our newsletter so for this week we want to recommend you to see a couple of videos:

1 – Ted talks are always inspiring but this one is a simple key ingredient for general design so check it out: click me! 

2 – Music babyyy…and this time around we hope we can inspire you with the James Cordon carpool karaoke series and especially the one with Chris Martin  in it. Why you say? Because some fun and a bit of smiles never hurt anyone!

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