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We are aware that the deadline for the dancing competition is approaching, but NOTHING is going to stop us from nurturing your imagination until the last moment.
So this week we are focusing on the life after clubbing!
Where do people go? What do people do? What should people eat?

1 . I Sleep Where You Danced: What Happens to Nightclubs After They Close Down?
Tess Reidy from Vice introduces us the people who inhabit the obliterated remains of some of Britain’s most important nightclubs.

2 . How likely are you to get tinnitus from clubbing?
The Independent explains why and how easy it is to practice a preventative self-care against tinnitus.

3 . Portraits of Berlin’s Exhausted Club Kids on Their Way Home
For her series ‘The Aftermaths,’ photographer Anna-Lena Krause captures her friends on their way home from the club, after one or more nights of partying.

4 . Benedetto Bufalino brings glistening disco ball cement mixer to montreal
Bufalino brings his disco ball cement mixer to illuminate the urban setting and activate the streetscape. Who said that the party has to end?

5 . How to survive the day after a big night out
The most painless way to pay the price, according to Thump and their crew of esteemed clubbing professors.

6 . What to eat before, during and after a big night out 
The Telegraph shares some food-related things you can do to offer your body a buffer from some of the negative effects of a long night at the club.

7 . Hangover
Joachim Otto Habeck based his investigation on different disciplines (medicine, cultural history, social anthropology, sociology, etc.) and explains that the social perception of hangover involves different modes of human non-perfection.

8 . The five stages of your clubbing life
Tell me your age, and I’ll tell you how you club.

Also, a quick reminder that the submission for the competition is open!
And to finish it up, who better than Queen and one of their classics to help you all out in this last push?

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