Hey guys,

We survived another week so hell yes! And now we can get back in touch, cause you know, we actually  do miss you and we look forward to write to you all!

With this said we are going to cut to the chase very fast so we can comminicate the important, super important news! The call for material is OUT. Yes, yes, yes and we are super excited to receive your materials to be published in our fourth book for “Showing”.

So please feel free to send all your material and to read carefully what needs to be submitted click here.

As a general info, send all extra material (not projects) to our editor that means photoessay, essay and illustrations so if you have anyone also from your friends that want to submit, tell them and spread the word and the love.

The deadline is December 22nd which means we can unwrap everything for Xmas!

With this said we are going to leave the ball to you feel like giving us some interesting info to send in the next newsletter, or some news you want to share?

If yes also send an email to our editor and she will post it in the next newsletter.

Carol is waiting for you guys so don’t be shy, email her:

Happy weekend you all!