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As the competition is moving on, we bring you the usual inputs to help you with your inspiration. So don’t stress out, cause we’ve got you covered!
Ready to see what’s on this week´s dance floor?

Among all the reasons that make us dance, I can’t think of any better way to communicate and express ourselves, either if it’s for celebration, or for protest.
More than a movement, in some contexts dance serves as a mean of communication. It’s not meant only to tell a story, but also to project an idea or to communicate experience by means of action.

1. The DJ collectives making partying political
SIREN is a London-based femme collective who throw parties, publish a zine while creating an inclusive environment for clubbing.

2. Dance as protest: 10 interesting works
Sometimes dance works of protest effectively speak to an issue of a certain time. Sometimes they are also timeless, as meaningful in 2017 as they might have been in 1930.

3. Dance as Activism: Questions for a Little Black Girl
Can dance be used as a pedagogical tool to unmask racist, colonialist, sexist, and classist practices? Take a look at Carol Marie Webster work, as she focuses on these questions.

4. Flamenco flashmob: how the dance became a form of protest in Spain
Political protest and social activism might not come to mind when you think of flamenco, but for some performers, it has been a powerful tool for voicing a political protest.

Of course, we not only dance to protest, but also because we are happy or and we want celebrate, am I right?
To cheer you up, let’s all be infected with a good vibe!

1. 18 Amazing Examples of Festival and Event Architecture to Celebrate the End of Summer
Even if confined by a tight budget and a short deadline, these temporary structures nevertheless represent exciting examples of efficient and engaging design.

2. “Nothing To Lose” Project Celebrates “Fat” Dancers With Photos That Challenge Our Conventions Of Beauty
A reflection by choreographer Kate Champion and fat activist Kelli Jean Drinkwater on how we understand both dance and body perception.

3. These 12 Facts Explain Why Rio’s Carnival Is the World’s Biggest Party
Talking about celebration, no one do it better!  Carnival in Rio De Janeiro, one of the best-known parties in the world, is also the largest carnival celebration in the world. It’s filled with music, parades, drinking, and people having fun.

4. We all know that dance has no age. 
To melt our hearts, let’s all join Marge and Donald in their studio.

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