Hi guys!

Can you believe that A – its’ October already and B – we have the FIFTH competition out? And we are not even done celebrating and working on the fourth! Sooo YAS for that. Is anyone else excited as we are?

In case you’ve missed this memo, here is the deal – the fifth competition will be on restaurants so our upcoming newsletter are going to be on the best hobby evva (for us personally) which is about eating and drinking. And in case you want the whole deeds about when, where and why here is the fat calendar.

1–15 October 2017 – Special Registration (30 €) period

16 October-15 November 2017 – Early Registration (45 €) period

16 November -15 December 2017 – Regular Registration (60 €) period

16 December -27 December 2017 – Late Registration (75 €) period

15 December 2017 – Submission opened on our website

31 December 2017 – Submission Deadline (23.59 GMT+0)

19-24 January 2018 – Winners announcement

19 January 2018 – Call for Papers for the “Eating – Non Architectural Restaurants” book starts

1 May 2018 – The “Eating – Non Architectural Restaurants” book available

And if you click here you will get the rest of the important info like the brief and rules and a bit more of what is going on.

With this, we are going to get our feast going on this Sunday and next week we will start going strong with info, links and images that could help your project.

So please join, cause you don’t want to miss this one. And just for the info, this video and tune will make your Sunday groovy and your stomach growling.

Love you always!