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Since the musical legacy (and attitude) of Grace Jones is defined by sonic innovation, provocative, and fearless experimentation, let’s start the week with her songs playing in the background. It might be a good way to start the discussion on innovative clubs!

1 . Is Virtual Reality the Future of Clubbing?
Boiler Room’s first VR project is a choose-your-own-adventure style experience.

2 . The Grown-Up Nightclub Of The Future
In developing a refreshed home for London’s famed Ministry of Sound, OMA also imagines a new way to make nightlife safer.

3 . Gyms are the new weekend nightclubs
You say gym, I say club!
When you combine cardio, high-intensity interval training, and a DJ during the class for a heart-pumping happy hour.

4 . Creating the ‘decadent twilight world’ of nightclubs
Famous clubs have offered artists the perfect platform to design fantasy environments

5 . Temple Nightclub is taking Eco-Clubbing one step further…
Temple is shedding new light on how to live a sustainable lifestyle. A sustainable dancefloor, converting dancers’ raw energy into electrical energy, feeding the floor with its own power!

6 . New São Paulo club The Year has a light installation that reacts to partygoers
A sensor above the venue’s dance floor translates the temperature and movement of people below into lighting effects.

7 . Theorising Urban Playscapes: Producing, Regulating and Consuming Youthful Nightlife City Spaces
Paul Chatterton and Robert Hollands develop a theoretical understanding of the relationship between young people activities at night and city space.

8 . Robot Strippers Are Here
Robots are already driving cars, writing symphonies, and even penning news stories like this one.

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