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This week we start with a little inspiration from the movie Tron Legacy and the End of Line Club, cause we are going to talk about lights and visuals of the future! How are sounds and visuals developing with today’s technology?

1 . лазер (laser)
The Russian dancer Maria Kochetkova navigates a world of floating light, dancing through lasers with emotive and precise choreography.

2 . Watch a Light Art Installation Get Down in the Club
Paris-based design studio IF creates a geometric a/v artwork for Paris nightclub Machine du Moulin Rouge’s fifth-anniversary celebration.

3 . Dance to your own beat with quiet clubbing
Is the future, a quiet club? Each dancer wears a pair of headphones emitting blue, red or green LED lights, which lend the place a supernatural glow.

4 . Fabian Oefner: dancing colors – making sound waves visible
Designboom shares a work that bridges the gap between the acoustic and visual world, by express sound waves through explosions of colored pigments, their movement is a result of music pulsing through a speaker.

5 . How lighting design and technology are transforming dance on stage
Lighting designers used to be faceless backstage figures. Now the hottest choreographers can’t work without them. Meet the new wave of trailblazers.

6 . Computers and Dance: Back to the Future
Robert Wechsler and Frieder Weiss talk about motion sensing for interactive dance in this article.

7 . Drones become a flock of dancing lampshades in this movie by Cirque du Soleil
We are living in such an exciting age, where things are becoming alive! No, I mean literally! Dancing objects… dancing lampshades? Cirque du Soleil thought about that combination and they have put together a show just for you!

8 . Shake the room: how architecture is inspiring dance
Meet Shobana Jeyasingh, a choreographer that loves strange and wonderful places.

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