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Humans can dance anywhere, for any reason, with whatever meaning we choose. The fact that humans can is what matters.
Apart from clubs, who ever felt like dancing anytime, anywhere? This week’s newsletter is about just that!

1 – Off the Wall: Dancing 3,000 Feet Above Yosemite
Amelia Rudolph prepared a dancing performance on rock walls, 3,000 feet above the floor. Extreme dancing, you would say?

2 – The unstoppable force of Chinese square dancing
In China, they rule the streets. Dancing grannies can be seen in parks and plazas across the country, waving their hands to the blaring beats of EDM-infused pop hits.

3 – Street-dance: Physiological demands and effect of endurance training
Dance as an exercise: A study on street dance as a physical activity that combines bouts of intense activity interspersed with lower-intensity periods of exercise.

4 – What Are Street Dances? What is Streetdance?
There is little credible written documentation on the history of “streetdance” and street dances, the platform “Just 4 Funk Productions” explains it if you’re interested in learning more.

5 – Six Countries Where It’s Illegal To Dance
Some people see dancing as symbolic of disrespect and because of that, in some countries public dancing is illegal. Can you imagine? From HuffPost, a general view of some of those countries.

6 – Litefeet: NYPD brings New York subway dancing to a standstill
A short movie by Scott Carthy, showing dancers performing for each other, and the sheer invention and joie de vivre is infectious.

7 – 5 of the Best Flash Mobs Ever!
From Goodnet, the best “unexpected surprise of music, dance and song”! (according to them)

Before we go, we leave you with this remarkable film that was shot in 12 countries, using local dancers in each country, over a 16 day period, choreography by Tobias Ellehammer and directed by Mike Dones. Can you recognize some of the cities?

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