As per our usual weekly meeting…hi guys!

How is your weekend treating you?

We are feeling chilling and grilling but as we are still in the news moment of the newsletter here are some.

Finalists will be announced between the 19th and the 24th of September 2017, the call for Materials is being prepped and getting fresh to be out in the world…and just in case you want to know all of the exact dates you can click here and a super nice calendar will appear.

With all of this said if you guys feel like being part of the book of Showing, it’s going to be more epic then the rests out there (just kidding, they are all equally epic). But please feel free to send material to our editor who needs some love and hugs and kisses…her email is Also feel free to send her interesting material for the newsletter for each competition and she will feature your name in the newsletter and your contribution.

With this said, it’s sunday people so go and have brunch instead of listening to us.

Have fun, we love you.