Ok guys we are back in action!

And here is your 411 for everything you need to NON know.

First: submissions. We have received and we are selecting the projects…they will soon be judged and finalized. And if you don’t know the jury by now, check it out cause it’s amazing:

– Harry Parr from Bompas & Parr

– Maria Claudia Clemente and Francesco Isidori from Labics

– Natascha Meuser from Meuser Architekten GmbH and DOM publishers

Second: we are looking for new members to join our team. If you want to be part of us and get to know us and work with these crazy people please speak up and join the fun. We are currently looking for researchers that could help us with the upcoming competitions. And if you feel like this could be the perfect fit for you, please go to this page; you will have all the info. And if you are not sure…click here to have more reasons why to join.

Third: “Showing” the book is a bit late but soon (by next week) you will have everything up and running

Forth: Want to join the next one? Stay tuned to our wonderful newsletter and you will not skip a beat.

Keeping being you non confirmative self!

Ok, Baiiii!