We are still on the roll to tell you the usual info. Let’s just say that A the 90’s are back, B avocados are apparently not the trendy foods of 2018 and C that the color of the year is apparently purple, even if we use blue for the next competition.

But other then these general, random and just out of the blue obvious news. Here is the 411 for the next week:
A – the book for “Showing” will finally be out. So be ready to swipe your fingers and crisps those pages cause it’s going to be awesome
B – find a way to know where and how to celebrate in maybe and hopefully a warm spot cause the winners for “Eating” will be announced. So party like a rock star
C – do you want to work with us as an ambassador for the next competition? Spread the usual love and word? we just want our community to grow so please join the fun.
D –  don’t stop voting on our facebook page for the other projects that didn’t make the cut for eating cause we are still giving time to vote and make them part of our 5th and i mean FIFTH book!

We love you as always and please please please, as an inspiration for our next competition, watch Netflix’s Glow. It might take you off track but, trust us, it could be useful.

Love to all!