Hi guys!

So we know that the newsletters are way better when they have exciting content but we try to make it fun anyways so here is our weekly voice, so we can still be close to you.

The winners have been chosen and just a matter of days and we will make it public! That’s exciting right?

Also we have a fresh new call for material coming out. It’s written, rewritten and it’s just a matter of time before it goes online. But if you feel like contributing already, if you have time on your hand, please send any material (either an essay, photoessay or illustration) to our editor in chief Carol at carol@nonarchitecture.eu. Please be part of the 4th book, it’ totally worth it.

Want a sneak peak? Check it out:


NON ARCHITECTURE COMPETITIONS wants to investigate the effective actions of what the museum typology is today and what is becoming. This throughout a series of elements and instruments such as articles, infographics, schemes and ideas based upon studies and personal outlook on the matter. These elements need to investigate the role, not only in one perspective, but on many levels such as places to view art, people, get inspired and overwhelmed with beauty…places determined by sensorial elements or by their looks, ever changing spaces, temporary ones, all the broad range that this element is and represents. 

Last but not least we are going to leave you with something to watch in this beautiful summery/fall Saturday. Humans of New York is this mini series about people and how they deal with life in general. Don’t miss it out and check their Facebook page for more info.

Enough is enough, we are going to leave you to enjoy the weekend.

Lots of love!