Hi there!

Are you guys relaxed and ready for a new exciting week?
Just to make things interesting from the start, this week we have something different to share. I’m Daniela, one of the new researchers on board. You will be hearing a lot from me in the course of the Dancing competition, since I’ll be taking care of the newsletters, to help you with some useful content to develop creative innovative projects!
So let’s make things moving!
This week we will be looking to the concept of dancing and fun, to help us understand why some love it and other hate it.

  1. THE PRIMORDIAL REASON PEOPLE NEED TO PARTY: There’s a communicative aspect, but also a primordial, instinctive aspect; to follow rhythm, be driven by it.
  2.  WHY MILLENNIALS DON’T GO CLUBBING: For some is too expensive, for others it’s better to go out for food.
  3. IT’S NOT EDM’S FAULT: A look at dance music’s relationship with drugs.

And because we know that you have been waiting for the usual sparkle on your weekend, we are not letting you down! We all get fascinated with some places am I right? So let’s take a look at some of them!

  1. THE UNDERAPPRECIATED ART OF NIGHTCLUB DESIGN: Whatever guise they take, nightclubs offer places to experiment with new music, technology and identity, to experiment with design and architectural innovation.
  2. 10 MAGNIFICENT MUSIC FESTIVAL STAGE DESIGNS OF ALL TIME: A trip around the most remarkable stage designs that truly stood out.
  3. MEET THE MAN WHO DESIGNS EDM’S MILLION-DOLLAR STAGES: The visual element of what’s going on creates a very tangible, emotional connection to the music. That’s what gives you chills down your spine. That’s what makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Does anyone need a suggestion for something different? Change your clubbing habits, and start earlier! Does that sound ridiculous? Well, sometimes we need to see things differently!
And last, but not least, shall I remind you that we all have that one friend that just like Stephen Fry, hates dancing?

See you all soon,