Hey guys!

How was your weekend so far? Here in the city that never sleeps, our editor, ME has slept for both herself and the city. But i am not going to snooze on this events that are happening and that could keep your week rolling with joy:

1. TODAY IS THE DAY! the winners of “Eating” have been announced and soo if you have a Grammy’s viewing party and you feel like combing the both and celebrate and feel like Adele – DO IT. If you don’t have a Grammy’s viewing party and you feel like celebrating anyways – DO IT.
2. The book for “Showing” has been out and about and it’s rocking our world, so we hope it’s also rocking yours. If you want to know how to get a copy well just click here and go with two options – a digital, very cool and very millennial copy to pay as you want orrr a more old school version, full price and nice and printed version.
3. This Sunday it’s the last day to vote for the most popular project to enter in the book of “Eating” – so go ahead and like like like.

Ok last, but not least, in only 4 days we have the next super cool, super glossy, super shiny competition happening. Do you guys have any idea of what it could be? Want to start a conversation? Post on our social media, send icons, gifs and images to be part of a quirky conversation.

We want to leave you with a little hint, as always, that could keep you guessing.

Love to all!