Hi there!

I don’t know about you guys, but we are feelling excited this week!!
Not only we are thrilled for our new partnership with Vitra Design Museum, but there are so many things going on.

We are taking care of all the arrangements for the sixth book “Dancing – Alternative Designs for Clubs”. Isn’t it a beautiful round number? I know it may sound suspicious, but it might well be our masterpiece!!
If you want to be part of this huge celebration, don’t forget our call for materials!

It was really hard to select the 50 projects finalists that will be published in the book, but now it’s open season for the COMMUNITY AWARDS!!
So go ahead and take a look to all the projects that didn’t make the selection.
The idea is simple: just vote on your favorite project and the TOP THREE most voted images will be (along with the 50 finalists) officially part of our publication “Dancing – Alternative designs for Clubs”.
So take note:
The deadline and the “likes” counting will be done on TUESDAY MAY 29TH – 23.59 GMT+2!

Meanwhile the selected 50 projects are moving on to the judges to be analysed and it’s the perfect excuse for me to show you how amazing people they are:
Rebeca Sanchez & Miquel Clot – Directors at Ledscontrol
Lukas Feireiss – Founder of Studio Lukas Feireiss
Marc Roma Trepat Perez – Architect at B\TA & co-founder of Heads &Tails INC

While we all wait for the competition results, and as David Bowie would say: let’s dance!
1 . Tiptoeing around ballet’s bad boy
Watch the movie DANCER, showing the story of Sergei Polunin, the Royal ballet’s youngest ever principal and rebellious dancer who transformed the shape of ballet as we know it.

2 . These Guys Dance Through Time And It’s Fabulous!
Meet Twist and Pulse, who created an incredible time-warp video featuring each style of dance throughout the decades of the last 100 years. You’re going to love it, I’m so sure of it!

3 . Will you dance for me?
For two years, filmmaker Miklas Manneke traveled the world asking strangers one simple question: Will you dance for me? I’m sure the result will make you smile!

See you all next week,