Contemporary work culture has made exhaustion and fatigue a common symptom among the working population. Although it might not be necessarily a modern ailment, work ethics that aim at improving performance and productivity and consequently, the competitiveness of the employee or the company, have gained considerable attention in our societies. So, let’s have a closer look on what impacts out thinking performance and also how extreme efforts to enhance performance can lead to exhaustion and burnout.

1 – As already mentioned, productivity has become a social imperative, and this in consequence, has enforced a systematic work ethic through culture and social institutions. Learn more about the ethics of work through this sociological study.

2 – If you are wondering which part of your brain is mainly responsible for productivity, find out more about the four modes of thinking and how they affect our performance.

3 – Which country ranks best in productivity? Speed, accomplishment of tasks and efficiency play a role in the Olympics of Work!

4 – One of the side effects of intense work culture is, that we basically don’t sleep no more.

5 – Burnout is not only affecting the few, but it’s a mass phenomenon, that has become a sinister and insidious epidemic

According to many commentators, the biggest obstacle to our productivity is the distraction of technology. As most of us are nowadays constantly online, various notifciations make our phones buzz ceaselessly.

6 – In this podcast with David McClements hosted by Bruce Daisly, they discuss how to beat a burnout caused by the bombardment of emails during and after work hours. It also puts forward the paradigm of professional athletes maximizing their performance through resting – (well, that’s something to look at!)

7 – Social media remains still a point of contention. Is it after all a productivity killer or a productivity booster?

Yet, it seems that design can improve employees’ performance and help businesses thrive,

8 – These are the basic principles of deisigning a productive work environment.

9  – Office design can have a profound impact on staff productivity according to the Guardian

So, are there ways to reinvent a happier world of work? Well, it’s up to you to answer this with your dazzling non architectural proposals.

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