Hello dancers!

It’s that time on our schedule where we transition from one competition to another so prepare to be amazed.
Ladies and gentlemen, what a busy, busy, busy week it has been!!

FIRST. The winners of the Dancing competition were announced and because of them, it’s time for a CELEBRATION!
If you don’t know who they are yet, take a look!

SECOND. Because 1 + 1 equals 2… this means that a new and exciting competition is right in the corner!!
So keep the engines going. On 1st June the theme for the next competition will be announced.

THIRD. Since we’ve been talking for a while now, I would like to share with you guys a bit of random information: today it’s my birthday!! 😀 So hurray for me!!

To put an end to this series of newsletters on the theme Dancing, some suggestions to stretch that mind of yours!

1. Just Dance: Tempest
In dance there are so many moments that are almost imperceptible, then something catches. NOWNESS shares a balletic study of light and shadow to a modern Wagnerian score.

2. Hunting for the Cast of the Sexiest Music Video of All Time
Remember this? VICE unveils the story behind the video for Eric Prydz’ “Call on Me”.

3. Sizzling Photos of LA Party People Perfectly Matching Neon Signs
For photography lovers, Cleonette Harris’s electric photographs are like ‘Party Monster’ for the year 2018.

4. Neopop Festival – All for Tecno
Neopop is Portugal’s most respected electronic music festival, held in the coastal town of Viana do Castelo. This year they have exceeded the usual limits to show all their creativity and brilliance in the latest creation for the festival with the musical promo combining folklore with techno!

5. The Filmmaker Turning Dying Tulips Into Dancers
Dancing flowers? How poetic.

See you all next week!