Hi there!

What a crazy week!! We are still recovering after the submission for Dancing – Alternative Designs for Clubs closed.
It was a blast of amazing projects submitted: more than 150 submissions.
What do we think about this? That you guys are amazing!! So congratulations to you all.
Now it’s on the juries hands to select the best of the best, la crème de la crème!

Apart from that, this week news is…(insert drum roll here):
The call for materials for our next amazing book for “Dancing – Alternative Designs for Clubs” is out!!
And we are counting on YOU!
Either a photo essay, an essay or an illustration (but not projects), you can check all the details here. You have until May 21.
If you don’t feel like it’s your thing, maybe a friend, a neighbor…or even your aunt!
Just spread the word and let the world know that we are ready for all sort of unconventional ideas and thoughts on the Dance theme.

And to help you dance the week away while we wait for the competition results, our main purpose is to inspire you to dance!

1 . Dance tutorial for dummies
A Portuguese comedian was crazy enough to share the techniques from different dance styles with a hilarious twist.
I know that the subtitles are in Portuguese but please put the Google translator to use, cause it’s a lot of fun to watch so it’s worth it.
Just free yourself and go with the flow, no one it’s watching!

2 . Stunning performances that’ll make you want to dance
A playlist from TEDx, so take a front row seat and watch these spectacular dance performances.

See you all next week,