As the automation anxiety grows due to the advanced AI systems being developed in most work sectors, the debate around human’s role in the future workplace is firing up. Are we going to run out of work? Are workplaces going to be soon obsolete?

1- So, to start with you can quickly grasp the basic ideas behind the automation vs human labour debate in this explanatory video by Vox.

2 – What are some of the positive outcomes from the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in many professions? Have a read of an optimistic take on the future of work from the perspective of AI integration by Wired.

3 – Who will be first to lose their jobs to machines? This “Chips with Everything” podcast addresses the issue of the replacement of jobs by robots from the viewpoint of both economics and AI.

4 – On Automation and Free Time looks into the current relationship of technology and labor having as a starting point Marx’s and Simondon’s writings.

5 – What jobs will still be around in 20 years? Find out which ones are at the risk of automation and which are on the safe side, here.

6 – Is job replacement such a bad thing even when people are treated like machines? The Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff argues against machine jobs for humans.

7 – Lastly, there is a need to track how technology is changing work and develop a strategy that would allow policymakers comprehend and regulate the upcoming job revolution. You can read more on this subject here.

Looking for more inspiration and having lots of free time? Why not read Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future or watch the early 20th-century German masterpiece Metropolis?

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