Hey all,

As you ‘ve noticed, things are pretty chill at the moment for us and for you, but exciting news are about to pop up. So this is just a heads up for what’s about to come in the next few days!

01 – We are about to finish the “DANCING – Alternative Designs for offices” book! A few bits and bobs here and there and we will soon wrap up. It will be available among with the previous books both online and in hard copy.

02 – Don’t forget our Call for Materials! Send us your best stuff and tell friends to send theirs! We are waiting for your outstanding ideas about THINKING in words, illustrations and photos!

03 – Very very soon the big winners of the competition will be announced. So stay tuned and follow us on our Social Media to get updates.

04 – What’s more, there is a “likes” competition running on Facebook so that 3 more projects voted by you can be added to to the book of “Thinking – Alternative designs for Offices”! You can find here one image for each project that didn’t make to the finalists, and you can like the ones you believe deserved to be included. The deadline and the “likes” counting will be done on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29TH – 23.59 GMT+2!

Till next time!