After we ‘ve had a look at issues of productivity, the origin of ideas, time and automation with regards to thinking as an individual, it’s time to turn our gaze towards the ways that people think collectively. So we ‘re off to a running start, with this newsletter investigating the power of brainstorming!

1 – Brainstorming is a powerful tool for quickly generating lots of ideas about almost any problem or issue that needs an innovative solution. This first article explores how brainstorming works, its advantages and disadvantages, and the best ways it can be used in the business environment.

2 – The concept of brainstorming was firstly introduced in the 1950s in the book Applied Imagination: Principles and Procedures of Creative Thinking by Alex Osborn. This paper, traces the origins of the term and its evolution until today.

3 – While thinking together, groups take on a character of their own,  distinct from the individual natures of their members. Does it mean that groups have an intelligence on their own? How do you imagine spaces that focus on the intelligence of a team and not the individual’s?

4 – Collaboration is the key to success, as a diverse team is more efficient, more innovative, and more successful. This short article explains how by widening the view a team can achieve a lot more.

5 – Now, focusing more on our field, this paper analyses the thinking process of designers by taking a close theoretical and empirical look at the very basic elements of thinking in design.

6- Collaborating under stress could bring together or tear apart a team. Yet thinking, making decisions and acting effectively under pressure is a key to the function of teams in competitive or critical environments. Listen to this podcast to find out, what can we learn from high pressure teams! How do you think an office environment for teams to think under high pressure, functions and looks like?

7 – Lastly, some people believe that there is a better technique than brainstorming. Brainwriting! It’s arguably providing a tool for a more constructive idea generation and equal participation.

So, what kind of spaces can foster collaboration and promote creative thinking in teams? Ponder upon it and come up with fascinating ideas for our competition! The deadline is the 31st of August.

Till next time –