Hey all,

We know we ‘ve kept you on your toes about the winners and I ‘m afraid to say that the suspense continues!

The results will be published in the next few days, so check regularly and keep yourselves uptodate by following us on our social media.

In the meantime, I will try to distract you from the anxiety of waiting, by throwing some fun facts about working in offices

01 – Optimum temperature for an office is 25 °C. Some like it hot and yes, it’s energy saving as well. (that sounds like a win to someone who wears a coat at the freezing office)

02 – Taking a nap makes you more productive. Daytime napping increases alertness, and it’s strongly advised to take 20min breaks even just to nod off.

03 – The brain retains less than 5% of what is said, so be sure to take notes during meetings.

04 – The average office worker spends 50 minutes a day looking for lost files and other items. (well, that’s a good excuse to explain my love for organisation)

05 – Just a 2% drop in hydration levels can lead to difficulty focusing on the computer screen, short term memory problems and difficulty completing basic tasks. That’s an easy pick for advice, stay hydrated!

Don’t forget, our COMMUNITY AWARDS competition is still running on Facebook so that the 3 most liked projects that didn’t make the cut, will be added to the “THINKING-Alternative design for offices” publication. The ballot is counting already, so whether it’s one of you or you want to show your support, go and vote your favourite ones! The deadline is SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29TH – 23.59 GMT+2!

Hopefully with some winners next time!

See you later!