Reaching the end of the THINKING competition you might be wondering, what is there more to talk about, after we have exhausted most of the issues around the contemporary workplace? I have the answer for you; a world without work, what commentators have called the post-work era.

1 – Work has ruled our lives for centuries, and it does so today more than ever. But a new generation of thinkers insists there is an alternative. Listen to this Guardian podcast for a thorough introduction.

2 – If you prefer reading, have a look at this article by FastCompany that provides a general overview on the issues related to a post-work economy.

3 – In this video, the author of “A world without work” Derek Thomson, talks with the Atlantic about the future of jobs in America, as the time that  the human workforce will be replaced by automation is right at our doorstep.

4 – “Post-Work: A Guide for the Perplexed” adds a further aspect to the discussion, as it examines the politics and the ideology behind such visions.

5 – For a (much) longer (but very very interesting) read, try Paul Mason’s book PostCapitalism: A Guide to our Future, which ponders upon the idea of whether today we are on the brink of a change so big, that this time capitalism itself has reached its limits and is changing into something wholly new.

That was all the newsletter material for the THINKING competition, we hope you found it helpful! In the meantime, keep in mind that the CALL FOR MATERIALS for the book on non-conventional offices has been announced! Do you have some cool ideas for an essay? An infographic? An illustration or a photo essay? Then send us your material at mariza@nonarchitecture.eu. You can find more info on this link.

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Best of luck to everyone!


Photo credit: “Connected lives: Work and Leisure in the post digital era” from the project “Transforming the Bank” © Anna Axaopoulou, 2017