Hi there,

Our BUYING competition is going strong and the registrations are currently open with the early registration period fee! Besides that, the books for THINKING and LEARNING are due to be available soon, so stay tuned!

As the title of the email says, this week, elaborating further on the sub-topic of how we buy, we will be looking at the objects that are in one way or another involved in the act of buying.

1 – First things first, when we buy things we use (in most cases at least) money, which is usually kept in an accessory be it a coinpurse, a card wallet or a smartphone.

2 – But as cashless transactions are gaining   ground in most Western countries, we are starting to need less and less our purses and wallets. Our smartphones are becoming the ultimate tool for buying, ordering and paying. Consequently, fashion of course adapts to this, shrinking its handbags, with the latest trends actually resembling coin purses with straps.

3 – How would the trip to the super market be withouth the shopping cart? Can you imagine having to carry a week’s groceries everything in the super market. But luckily the shopping cart was invented in the 1930s to save us from all the trouble!

4 – Now banned in more than 25 countries, the plastic bag first appeared in the 1960s and quickly gained popularity for its endurance and strength, but with devastating results for the environment.

5 – At the same time, our trips to the shops are becoming less frequent, as we begin to rely more and more on online shopping. The cardboard box waiting for us  at the door might be an easy and convenient solution, yet, the packaging is often excessive and unnecessary.

6 – For years the biggest retailers in online shopping have been seeing delivery drones bringing goods to our doorsteps in minutes as the next big think in shopping. Yet this might be a dream that will never come true. 

More next week!