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But now, it’s time to go back to our regular inputs for the DYING competition:

The principal function of the cemetery – as with many other burial sites – is the internment of the dead. But the purpose of cemeteries can extend beyond the community’s need for burial space. What other uses can a cemetery have?

1. Death in the city: what happens when all our cemeteries are full?
The business of death has become highly lucrative as the cost of dying rises in cities across the world. So what place is there for tomorrow’s dead?

2. Inside the Philippines’ Cemetery Slum
The Cemeterio Del Norte is inhabited by people who pull bones from tombs to move in. It’s an entire slum community, populated by gang members, runaways, sex workers, and labourers who rank among the poorest of the world’s poor.

3. Dine Amongst the Dead at India’s New Lucky Restaurant
The New Lucky restaurant in India is like no other – it fuses a historic cemetery with a casual café that serves food. The restaurant’s owner Krishan Kutti simply set up tables amidst the above-ground graves, placing guardrails around each coffin. The concept seems beyond unorthodox, but Kutti says that the dining experience will bring patrons good luck.

4. Solar panels above coffins to combat climate change
A Spanish city has found an unusual place to generate renewable energy – the local cemetery.

5. The crowded cemeteries of Hong Kong – in pictures
In Hong Kong – one of the world’s most densely populated cities – a series of hastily created hillside cemeteries consumed the city’s last available burial space in the 1980s.

What other uses do you imagine for this kind of space? What other uses can we imagine for a cemetery?
Don’t be shy and share your insane ideas with us!!

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