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That we all die, we know. But of what may lie beyond our deaths we remain, like Edwin’s adviser, completely ignorant. And yet, since the time of the ancient Greeks and Hebrews, there has been a long and complex history of our imaginings about the afterlife.
Do we ‘survive’ death? Will we be reunited with those we have left behind or those who have gone before? Will our actions in this life be punished or rewarded? Will we have an opportunity after death to make amends or change our ways? What kind of body might we have? Where will we be?

1. A brief history of the afterlife
Starting from the basics, Philip Almond have put together a detailed but easy to read text going through the history regarding the concept of the afterlife.

2. Beyond Death: The Science of the Afterlife
This question is more than a mind-bender. For thousands of years, certain people have claimed to have actually visited the place that, Saint Paul promised, “no eye has seen … and no human mind has conceived,” and their stories very often follow the same narrative arc. Interested in this subject? So prepare to dive in with this article from Lisa Miller for the Time Magazine.

3. Architecture of the afterlife: This is how you design for the dead
Crematoriums and morgues, including modern architecture, have always been challenging topics for architects. These buildings, all of which are involved in rituals around death, often look as mournful as they sound. Curious about this topic?

4. There is no life after death: Scientist insists afterlife is impossible
Sean Carroll, a cosmologist and physics professor at the California Institute of Technology, believes he has put the debate surrounding the afterlife to bed after extensively studying the laws of physics.

5. What happens after I die?
has put together this amazing “guide” around this subject.

6. Are near-death experiences hallucinations?
In our never-ending quest to understand what happens to us after we die, humans have long seen the rare phenomenon of near-death experiences as providing some hints. Experts explain the science behind this puzzling phenomenon.

7. After Life
Following up the same theme, why not entertain yourself with this series from Netflix?

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