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As we all know, there are a number of different types of cemeteries. Many cemeteries have areas based on different styles, reflecting the diversity of cultural practices around death and how it changes over time.
Around the world, funerals take many forms and this week we are going to look at different rituals and beliefs to explore how funeral or burial rituals may be undertaken.

1. Death is not the end: Fascinating funeral traditions from around the globe
Funeral practices are deeply ingrained in the culture and around the globe, hugely varied traditions reflect a wide spread of beliefs and values. Here, a look at just a few of funeral traditions that might strike someone outside a culture as odd.

2. Life that doesn’t end with death
Take a closer look at Kelli Swazey TEDTalk, where she shares a different approach to memorializing the dead.

3. 42 Funeral and Burial Rituals from Around the World
A bone-chilling illustrated collection of 42 different ways cultures celebrate the life of a loved one and, depending on beliefs, usher them on to the after life.

4. Poignant pictures of death rituals
From National Geographic to you, photographer Klaus Bo has documented how different cultures deal with death in his ongoing Dead and Alive Project.

5. The cultural context of death rituals and mourning practices
For a more dense content, check this article that describes how various cultures have designed rituals to channel their grief.

6. How Death Imitates Life: Cultural Influences on Conceptions of Death and Dying
This article explores some of the cultural variations in death and dying, and discusses how these differences at once derive from a given culture’s world view as well as influences its approach to death.

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