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Have you heard the news?
You ask, we deliver:
We’ve launched a final competition to close a 3 years cycle. Obviously, we couldn’t leave you without a proper goodbye!
We introduce you: DYING – Alternative designs for cemeteries.

As usual, we are here to follow up through the theme of the ongoing competition.
So let’s start from the basics, shall we?

1. There’s a better way to die, and architecture can help
Alison Killing gives a short snapshot in her TEDtalk about how humanity has changed in handling the dead and dying and why this may not be the best approach.

2. The Architecture of Death
A selection of material from the vaults of the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

3. Reinventing death for the twenty-first century
Check out this article, that sheds a light on death as an opportunity for design.

4. The Dezeen guide to contemporary cemeteries
Today’s contemporary cemetery structures and crematoria of note are usually built in a minimal or Modernist style, generally featuring exposed raw materials like brick, concrete stone or marble. Dezeen has gathered 10 of its best examples for this type of spaces.

5. Rethinking the Urban Cemetery
Citylab believes that the future of burial might be interactive or it might be eco-compostable. The future of graveyards is coming, and here’s what it might look like.

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Also, don’t forget that we are in the final countdown for the Re-draw competition.
Oh, and a little gossip: the book THINKING will be launched in the coming days!!!

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