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If we are challenging you to rethink the future of the cemeteries, we better show you the last developments that this kind of spaces have been facing, right?
This time we will share with you some of the most eccentric ideas that have been in the discussion when it comes to death and cemeteries.
Grab yourself a seat, this is what the future might look like:

1. Cemeteries of the Future
From coral reef to an artificial island, everything is possible! A growing number of designers and urban planners are tackling the future of death with innovative concepts for cemeteries of the future.

2. What will the cemeteries of the future look like?
Even with the explosion of cremation’s popularity in recent years, there will always be a demand for a physical location in which to bury, store, or inter the bodies (or remains) of departed loved ones. As cities become denser, cemeteries fill, and trends towards eco-consciousness continue, what will the cemeteries of the future look like?

3. Becoming Stardust: The Future Cemetery
Curious about the future cemeteries will look like? Here are some eccentric ideas that have developed.

4. This is What the Cemeteries Of the Future May Look Like
Countries around the world are ending up with what might be one of the most depressing problems ever: running out of room to bury their dead. But what about a skyscraper? According to the designer of the project, “we are all, every single one of us, going to die sometime. We might as well reach for the sky.”

5. The Past and Future of Cemeteries
As technology advances us toward a life in which both home and office become temporary, time-shared places, people are imagining cemeteries morphing into memory palaces where one can go to see slide shows or to hear podcasts of the deceased. Feeling curious? You can read the complete article here.

6. The future of cemeteries
If there is anything that we’ve learned from the past, its that there are a myriad of options for dealing with the deceased, and this article talks about the three main categories.

7. The buildings designed to house the dead
From Brazil to Israel, many countries are experimenting with a new kind of grave: a slot in a high-rise apartment block, purpose-built to house the dead. But is this the better solution?

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