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This week we are focusing on the rising phenomenon of dying Alone!
Why are we focusing on this? First, because in some cases is the consequence of urban isolation and second, because is our duty to bring these sensitive subjects to the discussion.
In Japan, they call it Kodokushi. For some, it’s an option for others it’s an effect of their lives.

1. Exactly How Likely Are You to Die Alone?
Wanna know how likely you are to die alone? Check out this interview on the subject.

2. Dying Alone: Kodokushi, Japan’s epidemic of isolation through the eyes of a ‘lonely death’ cleaner
Lonely deaths, or kodokoshi, are on the rise in Japan. Thousands of elderly people die in their homes without anyone knowing. Sometimes corpses remain undiscovered for weeks or even months, so companies devoted to cleaning up the homes of the dead are increasingly in demand.

3. For some people dying alone is not such a bad thing – here’s why
It seems so obvious that no one should die alone that we never talk about it, but people do often die when they are alone. Sometimes they die in a way that suggests they prefer to be alone as they are coming to the end of their lives. So is it really such a bad thing to be alone when you die?

4. Dying alone in Japan: the industry devoted to disposing of what’s left behind
As the country’s population ages and shrinks, there is increasing demand for services that clean out and dispose of the property of the dead

5. Dying alone: The social production of urban isolation
For a more heavy reading, we share this article from Eric Klinenberg explaining the conditions behind this phenomenon,

6. Dioramas of death: cleaner recreates rooms where people died alone
Not for the sensitive eyes: Miyu Kojima creates miniature scenes based on Tokyo apartments her company has cleaned after solitary deaths.

7. Longer Lives, Dying Alone And The Things We Leave Behind
As life expectancy numbers rise, a growing number of seniors experience kodokushi (lonely death), as it’s known in Japan.

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