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Death is an uncomfortable subject for many people. Perhaps it’s the severe emotional reaction people have to death – especially if it’s someone close – that makes the living act in bizarre ways. Or, maybe it’s because death’s process is not well understood that causes normally rational individuals to believe in irrational concepts.
Follow us, while we explore the perks of superstition around this subject.

1. 9 Eerie Death Superstitions From Around the World
One of the aspects to help us understand various cultural practices and traditions about death is to learn about death superstitions.

2. Superstitions About Death and Dying
Here are superstitions concerning death and dying that persist today, and possible explanations of their origins. You may take them as seriously (or not) as you wish!

3.The science of superstition – and why people believe in the unbelievable
Why do most people still believe in superstitions despite scientific advances? Parapsychologists Dr Neil Dagnall and Dr Ken Drinkwater discuss the real reason you believe in superstitions

4. Death beliefs, superstitious beliefs and health anxiety
To support this subject, a more dense reading with this article on the association between beliefs about death, superstitious beliefs, and health anxiety.

5. Death rituals and superstitions
From the History channel, some different rituals and superstitions when someone dies.

6. Superstition
And why not take it easy, with the help of the master Stevie Wonder?

Do you consider yourself a superstitious person?
How do you think this behaviour will reflect on our relationship with death and cemeteries?
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