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There are many, if not infinite shapes that loss can take, and the impressions they make upon us are just as varied.
Rather is trough movies, books or art, death is a long-discussed theme.
All of this can be a helpful recourse for dealing with your own loss or learning about the grief experienced by others. They can provide a way to become more informed about the human experience, to raise questions about the purpose of life, to contemplate the afterlife, or to become more empathetic.

1. Can Novels Change Our Attitudes About Death?
An article around the death-positive movement, a loose collective of artists, writers, academics, and funeral industry professionals agitating for more open conversations about dying.

2. 11 Fascinating Books to Help Us Talk About Death and Dying
HUFFPOST have put together a full list of books around the theme of death. Have you read any of this already?

3. A Brief History Of Artists Grappling With Loss And Death
From the 15th century to 2015, these are just a mere portion of the artists who’ve turned to art in the face of loss. Their courage, thoughtfulness and, of course, talent, is as inspiring as ever.

4. 10 Movies About Death You Need To See Before You Die
It’s unsurprising that a healthy proportion of great films deal with life’s biggest hurdles – and as far as living goes, you’re unlikely to find a more insurmountable hurdle than death.

5. Disney films help us prepare for death, according to science — especially when our favourite characters die
In pretty much every Disney or Pixar film, a beloved character dies, and it’s always heartbreaking. However, according to new research from the University of Buffalo, watching these upsetting scenes early on is actually an important part of starting conversations about death.

6. 11 People Share the Movies They Watched After Losing a Loved One
Lindsey Lanquist asked what movies people turned to in times of loss and what kind of emotional respite those movies gave them.

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