ear Non Architects,

We interrupt the usual broadcast for some last minute updates:
Unfortunately, due to organizational issues, Archdaily is not going to join the “GoT – XXI Century competition” as previously announced. We are sorry for this change on the run, and if anyone feels like this design challenge it is not worth it anymore, we will be glad to reimburse his or her registration fee for the GoT competition.

For all the others, the competition continues, and with that comes a brand new jury: the Non Architecture team. In particular proudest GoT fans in our team:

  • Marco Mattia Cristofori – Director
  • Luca de Stefano – Creative Director
  • Matilde Mellini – Project Manager
  • Daniela Silva – Researcher & Editor
  • Giovanni Garrone – Content Manager & Graphic Designer

For the first time we will be the only jurors of the competition. We will review and evaluate all projects, to select one winner and 6 honourable mentions. We can’t wait to see your designs.

At Non Architecture, Winter comes in July!

See you all next week!!