In the last year, the awareness of the environmental consequences of shopping, and particularly around the way that the retail industry has functioned in the West since the 1960s, has spread and gains ever more attention from the media and the public. Our choices as consumers play an important role in the human-induced destruction of the Earth, and among larger political goals aiming to save the Earth from climate change, we also need to consider what each individual could do to reduce their carbon footprint.

1 – Here’s how what we buy affects the environment. What is particularly interesting in this is that the greatest consumer impact comes from what is called “secondary impacts”, or the environmental effects from actually producing the goods and products that we buy.

2 – So next time, before you head out into frensic sale shopping, spare a thought for the impact of fast fashion on the environment. Criticisms of fast fashion include its negative environmental impact, water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and increasing levels of textile waste.

3 – There are simple habits we can introduce to our daily lives to make things a little bit better. Here is 7 suggestions gor swapping products to more eco friendly ones.

4 – Environmentalists have sought to push governments to take action against climate change for decades. They have equally tried to inform consumers about the effects of their purchases. The politics of green shopping, that this short paper looks at, have also contributed to the establishment of the Earth Day celebrated on Aprill 22nd.

5 – Modern shopping has also been raising many ethical concerns that activists point out constantly. Did you know these 20 everyday products are tested on animals?

6 – Boycotting these products is indeed a first step towards taking action for protecting the environment. But finding sustainable alternatives, is actually the only solution to stop the destruction, caused by the harmful sourcing of products such as palm oil.

7 – So, if you also want to contribute to this global movement towards more sustainable shopping, take these 16 ethical brands into consideration.

Do you imagine a more sustainable future for shopping? Can design play a role for enhancing and promoting a more positive environmental impact?

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