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After all the buzz with Christmas and New Year, we are back on track to our weekly dose of inspiration.

First, a quick reminder that the book BUYING is out and ready for your creative minds! This is also a great excuse to check out the previous books and see how this has become an amazing compilation of all the work submitted by the community.

Apart from that, great things are to expect from the already ongoing year! New challenges and new projects are surely on the way.

1. Have you checked the 20 most anticipated projects of 2020?
With a mix of cultural and commercial programs, here is a shortlist by Archdaily of the projects to look forward to in 2020.

2. Vision 2020: The Road to Sustainability
It has been a huge discussion around sustainability and what can we do to achieve certain goals. To wrap up that theme, here is the Vision 2020 research, a compilation of articles that track our progress on the path to a sustainable future.

3. The 2020s “will see the return of the real”, argues Aaron Betsky
As the 2020s begins, architecture critic Aaron Betsky predicts that architects in the new decade will focus on reuse, flexible spaces and earthy materials. Do you agree?

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