Hi there!

Ladies and gentlemen, another OUTSTANDING competition has come to an end! And the projects don’t cease to amaze us.
On our side, we will continue our work by selecting 50 of the submitted projects and then is up to the jury to select the winners and honorable mentions.
Can’t think of a better way to start the New Year!!!

And you? Well, I guess it’s time to hurry up, finish your new’s year resolution, prepare your best outfit and obviously have a blast!!!

At this point, we have to thank YOU for being part of this increasing community and for sharing your brightest ideas with us. It has been a pleasure to “break” the boundaries of what architecture can or should be. It’s only thanks to each one of you that takes part in our competitions, challenges or simply read this unconventional newsletter that we are able to keep the flame alive.

YOU that are reading this: THANK YOU!!!

But before you leave, some tricks and treats to inspire you for the New Year:

1. Everybody is a Genius
Based on one of Albert Einstein theories, a video explaining why Everybody is a Genius.

2. Where joy hides and how to find it
This TEDtalk from Ingrid Fetell Lee reflects on the aesthetics of joy. What does this have to do with learning and university? [spoiler alert] A lot!!

And so the time has come to see the clock turning.
On our side, it’s only left to say: Happy Holidays and above all a Happy New Non Architecture Year!
See you in a jiffy, next year is a year full of surprises and so much will happen! So make sure to stay tuned 😉

See you all next week / year!