Hi there!!

It’s me again, this time to follow up after our nine competitions.
With the end of BUYING competition, it has come to an end the cycle of nine competitions and with that, it’s time for us to die.
It has been an amazing journey with the help of you all: our community.

​But fear not my dear followers.
Like Rick Astley, we have made a vow that we would never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.
And we are very much committed to that!

Feeling curious? Excited? Suspicious?
Keep an eye on us as we are still preparing some more surprises (as always).

In the meanwhile, do yourself a favor and go check our extraordinary RE-DRAW competition! You can still register to be part of this design challenge.

To keep your mind busy, here is a tiny treat to inspire you:

1. The Best Architectural Drawings of 2018
Drawings are used to explain principles, to deliver ideas, to construct new architecture, and to document creative processes. Archdaily shares the best architecture drawings published throughout 2018.

In the profession of architecture, drawing is essential to the process of design. Here is a tumblr page with a collection of drawings from 2011 to 2016 in different scales and categories.

If you are feeling inspired and your mind is bursting with ideas, share them with us.

See you all next week!!