We are officially venturing to our ninth and final competition, and for this one we have been helding a strong card: buying; the quintessential and unavoidable activity of our everyday lives, which can can be a means to get by in life, a wish pleasing activity or “a necessary evil”. We buy groceries, clothing, means of transport, houses; all the means that support our lives and satisfy our material needs – and not only.

In view of this, we prompt you to look into how the shopping experience can be reformed in the future, and respectively, how the concept of the shop as a space with material and immaterial characteristics can be reinvented. How will the shop of the future look like? How will it feel like and will it even exist?

So before we just throw you out to the fascinating world of the economy, here are a few inspirational reads to start the conversation:

1 – Last year 12% of all sales worldwide took place online, with forecasts predicting that e-commerce will quickly rise to take over half the market in the next years. But how did you get to this? Discover how we got from catalogue shopping to Amazon, here.

2 – Marketing of products is one of the things that has changed dramatically in the last decades, so that the companies that have quickly gotten grips with it, flourish while the rest struggle to remain in the market. Find out more about how the consumer behaviour has changed in the digital age here.

3 – Our buying decisions do matter and affect the companies that are on the market, especially nowadays that online reviews and multiple purchasing options, enhance our power as consumers. Therefore, it is wise to think that we might be able to stop companies making crap, if we stop buying them.

4 – Although nowadays we consider shopping closely connected to one of the social stereotypes about women’s behaviours and likes – the alleged “female drive” -, in an ironic coincidence of history, shops actually contributed to the emancipatory stuggle of 19th century women. Curious how? Click here.

5 – And finally to keep you up to date with the latest trends in shop design, here are Dezeen’s top 10 picks for last year.

In the next weeks, we will examine the topic from many angles and assess various sources and perspectives that will help you come up with the most unconventional and progressive ideas, but for now I leave you with this.

All the best,