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When going through university, have you ever felt physically and emotionally exhausted? Or even ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment? That is called burnout.
But how do emotions and stress affect learning?
Ideally, a school would be a place of security and calm; but examinations, deadlines, and difficulties with friends can result in pressure and stress for students (and teachers).
Getting stressed while attending college is a normal phenomenon, and because it seems normal, sometimes people fail to recognize the signs and symptoms of a completely different condition – burnout. While it’s often ignored or downplayed as normal college stress, burnout is in fact much more serious than just day-to-day stress.

1. More academics and students have mental health problems than ever before
This article alerts to the consequences of poor mental health among academics in terms of the future of universities. If nothing is done to promote good mental health, we will continue to lose academics because of burnout.

2. Determinants and consequences of students’ burnout in Universities
An academic study focused on the learning experience, students’ burnout, and students’ commitment to their college.

3. Why college students today are so burned out
HuffingtonPost explains why this phenomenon is becoming so common, mostly due to a state of constant comparison among students.

4. You are not alone: student stories of mental health
The Guardian shares a testimony of several students on their experiences of mental health issues and reveals a common and worrying problem.

5. How architecture students can avoid burnout at school
Anxiety and workloads that frequently require all-nighters are usually the primary sources of stress among architecture students. Here is a guide on how students of architecture (but also from other fields) can avoid burnout at school.

6. Nine TED Talks to watch when you’re feeling totally burned out
Feeling stressed out? Take a few minutes and unwind with one of these insightful talks.

Not so focused on the learning theme, but who doesn’t love a good animation short film? From the director Cécile Carre, a touching animation addressed to the burnout phenomenon.

How can a space such as a university help students to avoid burnout or help them go through it? What kind of university would it be? What kind of space would we find?
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