Hi there!

It has come to that nerve-wracking moment in the competition when we are all waiting for the results. But I’m afraid to tell you that we will have to wait a couple more days.
With that in mind, it’s my duty to keep you occupied in the meanwhile!!
To do so, here are some facts about learning, universities and our brains:

1. 14 Interesting facts about learning and our brain
Here are a few interesting facts that will show you just how important and cool our brains are!

2. Seven Fun Facts of Uni Life All Students Can Relate To
They say the university is the best years of your life and while it is no doubt full of highs, you’ll be no stranger to the occasional inconvenience. You’ll experience at least one of these atrocious facts of uni life during your whirlwind time as a student.

3. Eight Educational Instagram Accounts For Fact Lovers
Instagram has more to offer than duck face selfies and skinny girls spruiking dubious tea products. There are heaps of accounts offering everything from cool historical photos to random fun facts.

4. Ten apps to help you learn new, interesting facts every single day
Want to become an encyclopedia of knowledge? Download these iOS/Android apps and get ready to broaden your knowledge.

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See you all next week!