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We all know the impact that technology has been playing in our daily lives. Could we currently go through University without a cell phone or a computer? No sir, we could not!
But the changes that technology keeps bringing to the learning system have been way deeper than that!
So join us for this quick tour of the different ways that education has become fully technological.

1. Four changes that will shape the classroom of the future: Making education fully technological
Education is changing right now. Technology and expanded knowledge of the learning process have already resulted in a metamorphosis of the classroom and of teaching methods. There will be even more changes in the future.

2. The Jetsons get schooled: Robot teachers in the 21st-century classroom
In this episode, we get a peek at what education in the future is supposed to look like. It doesn’t matter how much well-meaning tech you introduce into a school, kids of the future are still going to goof off.

3. The necessity of interactive tech in the classroom
promotes the use of advanced technologies such as robots, STEM kits and virtual reality into our education system.

4. Four ways technology is revolutionizing the education industry
Learning has become more interactive than ever before in the history of education. TechArt lists four popular eLearning tactics utilizing technology to make school something students actually enjoy and look forward to every day.

5. Future of technology in education
Apiumhub attended the Tech Tribe event to discuss the future of technology in education. They share their thoughts of the event and some interesting facts about the theme.

6. Classroom design principles for an increasingly online world
Also from HuffingtonPost, an article sharing a list of advice for education leaders looking to take the first step toward rethinking their school’s physical space.

7. The future of distance learning technology: It’s not about the technology and it’s not about the distance
For a more deeper read, an article from J. Michael Spector where he argues that technologies will continue to become smaller, faster, and more powerful, allowing distance- and technology-enhanced learning many new affordances.

It is clear that technology will play a central role in our lives. Therefore the education material and the education methods should be changed. How has technology influenced your education so far? And most important, what will change in the future? What are the possibilities?

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