Hi there!!

For those of you who are very distracted from our social media, I must inform you that we had another LEARNING exhibition.
“When? How? Where?” You may ask.
After Newcastle, we have returned to Lisbon once again but this time at the Association of Portuguese Architects to show the 50 finalists of the competition.
It sure looks like that the exhibition started a tour by herself. Where it goes next? Wait and see!
For the big opening of the exhibition, we had a conference to showcase the finalists and the authors had the chance to present their projects through Skype. Isn’t technology wonderful?
Yesterday was the last day, but fear not! We are here to share some photos with you:

I’m also here to remind you that this is the last week of Special Registration for the GOT Architecture XXI Century Competition.
Yes, but…attending to the number of requests, we decided to postpone the submission deadline.
We know how this is a one of a kind opportunity and we couldn’t bare ourselves to see you miss it!
With this being said, don’t just stay there! Go on, click that button and register!

See you all next week!!