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We have long been fascinated by the possibility of immortality even as we accepted death as inevitable.
Architecture has always been designed to prolong life, from the bunkers built to protect soldiers to the caves that sheltered the earliest humans from the elements. But in thinking about prolonging life now, scientists are more apt to study how science and computers can help us. We’re told to get off the couch to exercise and eat right, but Arakawa and Gins would likely argue that the complacency and familiarity inherent in being a couch potato is the bigger risk.

1. The Immortalists – can science defeat death?
Michael Shermer explores humanity’s obsession with the afterlife and the quest for immortality.

2. Designing for Immortality: Reversible Destiny Lofts
Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka is the world’s first ‘undying residence’ or the first Apartments designed with Immortality in Mind.

3. Architecture students explore ‘immortality’
RCA architecture students view a society obsessed with youth and beauty, and denial of death.

4. museum of immortality II
Nikolaus hirsch + michel müller construct ‘museum of immortality II’ at design week Mexico.

5. After Life: The Quest for Immortality
Read all in this article that discusses the quest to discover the 21st-century version of the fountain of youth.

6. On the Verge of Immortality, Or Are We Stuck with Death? 
How long can human beings live? Is there an outside limit? Experts are sharply divided.

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