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As we are moving towards a digital future, shopping gradually becomes a seamless connected experience across different networks and devices. Let’s look at some key facts about shopping in the digital era.

01 – The future of shopping is virtual and augmented. Here are some examples of how retailers are already leveraging these technologies

02 – Online shopping takes place mostly on our mobile devices. A recent report found that 46 per cent of online sales were made on a mobile device, versus 44 per cent that were made on desktop, with tablets making up the remainder.

03 – One of the key benefits of online shopping is for the consumer is to be able to compare prices to get the best deal. Our ability to know the price of anything, anytime, anywhere, has given us, the consumers, so much power that retailers have now begun to comparison shop us. This podcast by the Atlantic reveals more on the topic.

04 – The rise of online platforms for buying and selling goods has fuelled a rapid increase in fake merchandise. The most frequently imported fakes are items of footwear, followed by clothing, leather goods and IT equipment.

05 – Augmented reality aims to make the daily shopping of people with physical impairments easier. There are currently pilot systems being developed for this purpose and are yet to be implemented.

06 – Buy+ is the e-commerce giant’s Alibaba, first attempt to build a VR shop. Watch a snipet here.

07 – Lastly, the super market of the future displays digital mirrors that pop up information for each product the users touch, in a project by one of our jury members, Carlo Ratti. The project explores how data can promote more informed – and hopefully more sustainable – consumption patterns. Check it out here!

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